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Kalonni Daly
CEO / Co - Founder

My name is Kalonni Daly I am an entrepreneur/artist from Maryland. Since kindergarten I was enrolled into art school (Thomas G pullen) where we took classes in all forms of visual and performing arts, I really took to art and design. when I was in highschool (Suitland) I was introduced to computer graphics, I was obsessed and excelled in it, I would skip lunch just to work on my designs. After High school I got the opportunity to designs for some prominent brands in the DMV area. I took the knowledge I gained from those experiences and applied it to LAHÉRA. I wanted to give the people in my community something different than everything else in the city. I wanted to give them clean simplistic designs on high quality fabrics. I wanted you to be able to stand next to a high fashion name brand and gauner the same respect. That is what makes me most proud, visually customers like the designs and color choices we choose but when they get to feel it on their skin they understand that we took the time to give them the best quality possible.


Dominick Daly
COO / Co - Founder

My name is Dominick Daly and I’m from Washington, DC, grew up and raised in Riggs Park. I graduated from Delaware State University majoring in business and IT. In 2017 my cousin and now business partner Kalonni Daly called me and said we should start a clothing line and from that point on the rest was history. While deciding the name our business we wanted to find something that centered around family since we are a family owned business and will eventually hire family members to help run the business. We also wanted to find a name that represented what we believed in and what we stood for, this is where LAHÉRA came from. So Hera was a Greek goddess that was a representation of family and her symbols are the Lotus flower for Harmony and the Peacock for vision, royalty and protection. These are the characteristics and foundation we are building this company on because not only does these characteristics represent us but I’m sure more people will be able to relate to that.

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